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One way to think about cupping is that it’s the inverse of massage. Instead of applying positive pressure to muscles, we're using suction (negative pressure) to lift skin, tissue and muscles to release gnarly stagnant areas. It stretches knotted tissue and fascia and introduces healthy new blood flow to the area. The new blood brings oxygen and nutrients to quicken healing and help decrease inflammation.

Guasha is another treatment - using a soft-edge tool to scrape the skin - to break up areas of stasis, stimulate blood flow and healing in the underlying muscle tissue and fascia.


Cupping Therapy (20 mins)

Guasha (20 mins)


|     $60


|     $60

*These services are performed at no additional cost during acupuncture treatments.




Suction: The suction in the cups is created by either vacuum - usually with a hand pump - or with a flame. (Don’t worry, the flame is never too close to the skin.) The cups are placed on the skin and can be left static, or fixed, on the area for the treatment, or the cups can be gently pulled across the skin (often called “sliding cups”).

Instant relief: Most find cupping really relaxing, and experience relief from pain or tension right away.

Temporary Marks:  It may look like you’ve had a tryst with an octopus. The cupping can leave behind circular marks - caused by the suction from the vacuum action of the cups. These marks are not painful but can last anywhere from 3-7 days, sometimes even longer. (The more stagnant the blood, the darker the marks, and the longer the bruises stick around.)



Little Tiny Scrapes: This is can be another therapy where it feels a lot better than it looks. You’ll have red dots (called “sha” or petechiae) appear on your skin - almost like a rash. This sha is a by-product of the body eliminating dead blood cells and other toxins.The sha may be a lighter red when the injury or stasis is recent, or it can be dark red or purple (or even black!) with chronic issues. (For facials, we don't stimulate to the point of raising sha.)


Plan for multiple sessions for best results: With continuous treatments, the sha will start to fade faster - a sign that your blood circulation is improving.


Instant Relief: After the treatment, patients usually feel an immediate decrease in pain, greater range of motion, and release of pressure or tension.

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