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Health of the skin reflects health of the body.


These treatments are a whole-body approach to facial rejuvenation; nourishing tissues for greater muscle tone, elasticity, and radiance.


The results are cumulative and a series of 8-10 regular treatments is recommended for best results.

Please note: this is not an esthetics facial and does not include peels, extractions, or product recommendations.


Deluxe Facial Acupuncture  (100 mins)  |  $250
Body and facial acupuncture, therapeutic masks and 10 min of facial massage or guasha.

Facial Acupuncture Boost  (75 mins)  |  $195
Body and facial acupuncture, plus 10 mins of facial massage.

Guasha Facial  (45 mins)  |  $185
A needle-free alternative, using a jade tool to stimulate and massage the neck and face for firming and lifting. Also great for TMJ and tension in the face and neck.

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Acne  |  Dry skin  |  Age spots  |  Sagging skin  |  Wrinkles  |  Scars  |  Double chins  |  Bags/dark eye circles


Health of the skin reflects the health in the body: In addition to the meridians that course along the face, we work with corresponding points along the body.  As such, you may also find other health benefits with these treatments - like improved sleep, better digestion, easier menstrual cycles.

Results are gradual - plan for treatment over time: A minimum of 10 sessions is usually recommended, along with occasional tune-ups every few months.  Results will vary from person to person, and while you won’t see the instant results of face lifts or injections, you’ll get natural and long-lasting benefits. Your skin will look healthier, firmer, and your complexion brighter and radiant.

No side effects, downtime or serious pain:  Most people say the sensation of the super-thin facial needles is milder than plucking a hair.

It’s important to find a licensed practitioner who’s trained in facial acupuncture for effectiveness and, of course, safety.

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