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Herbal Medicine/


Traditional Chinese Medicine has the most intricate system of herbal medicine in the world.

Formulas are highly individualized, taking into consideration each patient's unique individual make up, current state of health, as well as the nuances of the condition.  Here in the US, formulas are most commonly taken as a tea - either as a decoction of raw herbs, or from granules - or in pill form.


Initial Intake and Consultation (30 mins)

Follow-up Consultation (30 mins)

|     $120

|     $75

* Cost of herbs is not included and depends on the format and formula.


There are literally thousands of traditional herbal formulas for just about every condition imaginable, especially: 

gynecological issues  |  fertility  |  menopause  |  skin conditions  |  blood pressure


Herbs help further the effects of acupuncture treatments: Especially useful as “boosts” in between treatments or if you’re unable to get a treatment. Herbs can work in tandem with acupuncture, so that your formula can work on different aspects of your condition, while the needles focus on others.


Chinese herbal medicines are classified as food and they rarely have adverse side effects. That being said, herbs have strong medicinal properties, so it’s important to work with a trained herbalist. A wrong diagnosis or inappropriate formula, may cause unwanted side effects.

I take care to use herbs and formulas from highly reputable sources e.g., Kamwo and Crane Herb.


Chinese Medicine Herbalists are extensively trained to be knowledgeable in drug and herb interactions, however, new western drugs are consistently being prescribed. It’s rare to have an interaction between Chinese herbs and prescription medication, but since it is possible, I urge patients to inform their doctors when they start or stop taking an herbal medicine. I also advise patients to take herbs at least 2 hours apart from their prescribed medication to help reduce any unwanted interactions.

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