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How Facial Acupuncture Works With Your Body

East Asian medicine respects beauty as a function of health, and follows a very different approach to beauty: Beauty treatments work with your body - not against it.

It's not about freezing, paralyzing or taking life out of your muscles. The goal of East Asian medicine is to activate life back into the skin, tissue, muscles of your face. Fundamentally, it's all about restoring healthy circulation.

It's a work-out for your facial muscles.

The needles release the muscles that are too tight (like the wrinkles between the brows or across the forehead) and help nourish and firm muscles that are too lax.

It stimulates your body's natural collagen production.

We lose those precious collagen and elastin proteins as we age - which leads to sagging, loss of tone and elasticity. Plus, our body's production of collagen starts to slow around the age of 40, and dramatically slows in women after menopause. Facial acupuncture stimulates natural collagen production by creating mild micro-trauma to the skin. This triggers a self-repair response and your body sends in all the collagen-building and repair cells to repair the ‘wound’. This results in skin that is better nourished, firmer and more vibrant.

Improves skin from the inside out.

In East Asian Medicine, the face is a reflection of what's going on inside. For example, if you have a lot of issues around your mouth, are prone to breakouts, collagen loss, sagging, a weak jawline, generally we'd look at the state of your digestion and stomach. By resolving the problems underlying the skin issues, the improvements to the skin are deeper and longer-lasting.

This holistic understanding of beauty recognizes that health is at the root, and beauty is its natural outcome.

There's been reams of articles written up about facial acupuncture; Check out this April 2019 article in Harper’s Bazaar, Everything you need to know about cosmetic acupuncture.


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